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Digital Marketing as it should be - Smart and easy!

AI handles your digital marketing by buying and distributing the budget in the best possible way.

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Advertising digitally has never been easier!

Reach out with social media and search ads within 10 minutes

AI controlled digital marketing

With the help of the latest AI technology, we ensure that our customers get more value for money

Create a digital campaign across multiple channels quickly

Appears with ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn within 10 minutes

A simple and comprehensive reporting

Keep track of key figures such as impressions, clicks and new customer contacts for the ads in one place for all digital channels


About us

We have a simple goal at Hype Digital. The goal is to be able to simplify and improve the purchase of digital marketing, but also to maximize our customers' returns.

We understand how incomprehensible online advertising can be, which is why we have created Hype Ads.

Reach 90% + of all prospective customers without prior knowledge and avoid all administration. Stay on top with high-performance strategies tailored by experts and smart AI. Boost your products or services in just a few minutes.

We at Hype Digital have a combined experience of over 50 years in marketing and development within the digital channels.

As a customer of Hype Digital, you avoid expensive agency fees and contract times.


Reach all social and search channels at once!

Our platform, Hype Ads, enables our customers to create and launch a campaign in 10 minutes and is visible on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok.

Digital Micro Ads means that you as an advertiser can be seen on all the different digital channels for a minimal cost and at the same time get maximum exposure.

Hype Ads enable visibility on Google (Display & Search Network), Facebook (Messenger, Flow, Stories & Instant articles), Instagram (Flow and instant articles), Bing, LinkedIn and TikTok at the same time from approx. SEK 1,000 Best of everything is that we can put together and launch your campaign within 10 minutes.

Digital Agency Stockholm

Marketing Automation

No matter where in the country you are, we are the digital agency for you and your company. We have customers all over Sweden with local, national and international customers and challenges.

In our physical office in Stockholm, we gather our team of specialists, to be able to help you in the best way with your digital marketing.

The digital customer journey has become increasingly complex. But with the help of our platform, we can better understand when your customers move closer to a purchase with a message that hangs with. We enable dynamic flows that create engaging and profitable customer relationships.

Curious about automated marketing? Contact us or click get started today to test our platform immediately!

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Digital Marketing that you have never experienced before.

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