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Frequently asked questions

Instead of spending time mastering multiple techniques and methods or using expensive consultants, inhouse does the hard work for you so you can sit back and get the most relevant traffic to your business and pay the purchase price.

Our research shows that if you are a beginner with online advertising and want to get started with paid ads on say 4 channels at the same time, for example Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, the learning curve would be astonishing 30-60 days. Once loaded, you would need at least another 30 hours to administer a campaign that lasts for 30 days, and this only to achieve basic results. If you want to achieve automated results, you would soon run out of time.

Price transparency is a major problem when it comes to online advertising. Estimates show that small and medium-sized enterprises waste billions in hidden fees on services that lack transparency. With Hype Ads, you pay what you would pay directly with the source, and sometimes even lower. Our service is built from start to finish with transparency in mind.

Hype Ads uses the latest technology in automated online advertising combined with the best execution to run your advertising campaigns. We buy ads for you on the world’s leading network in search and social. You get the same precision and quality as the big companies, but at a fraction of the price. We also give you control over your campaign by allowing you to set clear goals and customize your ads.

Digital Marketing that you have never experienced before.

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