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Google Ads

Google Ads

Understanding Google Ads

Google Ads, also known as Google Adwords, is the leading platform for Pay-Per-Click Advertising. 63,000 searches are conducted by Google every second, and people who click on Ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase. Google has its own Google Display Network, which reaches out to 90% of the global via internet across 2 million sites. In Sweden, over 95% of the population uses Google to search for products and services. Google has its own network called Google Display Network which enables advertisers to promote websites and products using videos and banner ads. Google Ads PPC is carried out in different networks offered by Google Search, i.e., Google Search Network, shopping, videos, advertising.

Built on PPC

Google allows marketers to promote their products in front of a large number of potential customers. This is done via an online auction where marketing experts compete against each other so that their Ads appear when potential customers type in relevant keywords for similar businesses. Most marketing agencies would recommend you to hire “certified digital experts” to carry out the complicated auctions for your product so that your product appears on top of the listing.

How can we help you?

We understand that having a placement in Google Adwords is essential for our clients. Marketing agencies will scare you into thinking that it is an expensive and technical process.  Thus, we have built advanced robots who will fight in the auction against competitors on Google Ads on behalf of you! When our robots take control of your ads, they use complex algorithms to analyse your creative. After analysing the creative, they use their artificial intelligence to win the auction by beating all the competitors at the fairest price. After that they micro-target the potential customers based on their visit to websites similar to yours or have shown interest in products similar to what you are advertising. The PPC ads delivered by our robots are cost-effective, accurate, and efficient while you sit back and enjoy the show.


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