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About Hype Ads

Hype Ads is a social media platform that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver ads on social media platforms in 10 minutes. With the idea of making digital marketing smart and easy, Hype Ads has harnessed the understanding of the complex mechanics of all the popular social media platforms taking Pay-Per-Click to the next-generation marketing. Now you do not need a “digital marketing specialist” to assist you in delivering your PPC Ads for a large sum of money. The goal of Hype Ads is to deliver all of your Ads, making sure it is cost-effective and only in 10 minutes.  We make sure you get maximum exposure, thanks to our robots working 24/7 to reach the RIGHT customers for you.

 Why Hype Ads?

Our robots analyse and deliver ads to your potential customers through accurate delivery in 10 minutes. You only need to go through 4 easy steps to create an order. Our robot will take your order and use its artificial intelligence to take control of your Ads. After taking control, they push them out to multiple channels simultaneously, saving you a lot of money.

Our work is simple to understand and transparent, making digital advertising more straightforward for ordinary people. In the era of the 21st century, you do not need to hire a dozen specialists when our robots can do a much better job in a short period of time at a minimal price.

What else?

Not only does our robots deliver your Ads, they also keep track of key figures such as impressions, clicks and new customer contacts. They keep track of real-time data of your PPC campaign on all digital channels and create a simple and easy to understand report. We are currently working with clients all over Sweden as well as international clients.

What do you need to do?

Sit back and enjoy the show because our robots are error-free, making marketing simpler only for you!

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Digital Marketing that you have never experienced before.

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