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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Understanding LinkedIn Ads

Even though most PPC Ads are drawn to Facebook and GoogleAds, LinkedIn is a B2B Pay-Per-Click juggernaut. The social media platform has a niche audience where you can find and connect to all types of organizations from a local to a global level with a business mindset. Linkedin has over 575 million users with an MAU of 260 million users seeking to promote, connect, and engage with different interests. 70% of marketers who work with LinkedIn end up with good source leads. Its primary function is being a job searching platform for users from all over the world. This makes LinkedIn an ideal platform for PPC Ads.

Built on PPC

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter follows an informal ambiance and serves to a much general audience. Unlike these platforms, Linked gives off a much professional tone to its platform targeting mostly B2B companies. One unique feature that LinkedIn offers for PPC Ads would be three types of Ad format starting with sponsored posts that appear in target customer’s newsfeed. Content on LinkedIn sponsored feeds receive an average of 9 billion impressions per week. Second to none are sponsored in-mails, which plays a crucial role in pushing promotional messages to potential customers. The last ad format would be text Ads, which results in lead generation and promotion of a variety of services. LinkedIn is a powerful Pay-Per-Click platform where marketers can target job titles, job functions, geography, age, gender, company name, and a lot more.

How Can We Help You?

We know that LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool, and something one cannot avoid. The competition in pushing the right text to maximize is essential for our clients investing in PPC. Thus, we have built robots who will deliver PPC Ads in LinkedIn on behalf of you! When our robots take control of your ads, they use complex algorithms to analyse your creatives. After analysing the creative, they use their artificial intelligence to micro-target the RIGHT customers who have shown interest in products similar to what you are advertising. The PPC ads delivered by our robots are cost-effective, accurate, and efficient while you sit back and enjoy the show.


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