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Generera ditt innehåll på 3 sekunder

Generera ditt innehåll på 3 sekunder.

  • Post Date:22 september 2020
  • Posted By: Nafis Rafsan

We have developed our advanced method of using Natural Language Generation to create hundreds of marketing items quickly                                            

Artificial intelligence has been in the spotlight for quite some time and has played an important role in the technically savvy world. Just a few years ago, the idea of ​​virtual robots performing various tasks was something we only saw in movies and fantasy stories. After years of research, AI is now slowly being implemented in various fields to perform several operations flawlessly and relatively quickly compared to what a human can do. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is used to drive self-driving cars, perform medical operations and much more. One area where these virtual robots have made an impression is in their ability to harness the power of language, especially in so-called Natural Language Generation.

Natural Language Generation (NGL) is a subcategory of artificial intelligence, where the software process automatically converts data into written content. NGL is thus exactly what it stands for, which is the process of producing complete sentences and phrases in the form of natural language. With the help of NGL you can create thousands of pages in just a few minutes, with perfect error-free grammar! In 2020, people will communicate through data. This is not as simple as it sounds. You need to analyze and interpret the material according to your needs, which traditionally require human resources. However, machines can interpret this data and convert it into easy-to-understand content at an extraordinary rate. Dealing with information density has always been a challenge for humanity,

To harness the power of artificial intelligence, we’ve developed our advanced method of using Natural Language Generation to generate hundreds of marketing items, including ads, at lightning speed. NGL is based on the information we collect from our customers and turns it into text based on the structured data we have created. In addition to generating ads, NGL also generates accurate reports that reduce the burden of summarizing data and tailoring it to the audience. Our AI understands your audience and builds content for hundreds of landing pages for our customers.

But how does our generation of natural language work? There are three steps in the process; Our AI analyzes data and creates material according to the structure we have set up. Then the AI ​​system starts micro-planning when we set the referred expressions in combination with words and aggregation. Finally, the realization comes from the AI, and the system begins to convert the specifications to plain text.

Based on word-level grammatical functions, our AI can generate grammatically correct text while writing complex lines. The dynamic meaning generation from NGL can depict a complete understanding through the realization of input data. It can generate sensible and desired linguistic structures, even to the detailed level of information to predict the correct deviation in the sentence structure. It is safe to say that Hype Digital has broken down barriers to content generation with the help of artificial intelligence.




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