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Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

Why Twitter?

Twitter is known to be one of the cheaper options compared to other platforms. That does not mean one should underestimate its ability to perform as a Pay-Per-Click Platform. Twitter has approximately 330 million monthly active users, with only 145 million daily users using the platform. It has its limitations of 280 characters, but that only makes things interesting. Twitter PPC is easier to work with since the platform performance is based on hashtags, which creates your niche audience. Its primary function is to connect people and allows people to convey their opinions to a big target group.

Built for PPC

The interesting advantage of Twitter is that marketers pay for what they have achieved in marketing campaigns. If the goal of the campaign is website conversion, then marketers pay when the audience clicks it, without any time restrictions in the ads. Twitter takes responsibility for the risks because they believe marketers should get what they pay for!  One of the features of Twitter PPC is keyword targeting, which allows marketers to reach specific target audiences who have shown interest in products similar to what is advertised. You can implement hashtags to reach potential customers who have used the same hashtags in the last 7 days. You can target audiences with the power of hashtags. The platform provides features like Tweeter engager to remarket your product to the customers who have seen or engaged with your tweets. Marketers can execute successful PPC campaigns due to high engagement rates. The Cost-Per-Click is low compared to other competitive social media platforms making it cost-effective to promote your services and products.

What can we do?

We understand that promotion is essential to execute PPC Ads efficiently. Thus, we have built robots that will use smart decisions to place your ads on behalf of you effectively! When our robots take control of your ads, they use complex algorithms to analyse your creatives. After analysing the creative, they use their artificial intelligence to micro-target the segmented audiences that have used hashtags or engaged with products similar to what you are promoting. The PPC ads delivered by our robots are cost-effective, accurate, and efficient while you sit back and enjoy the show.

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